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"Thank you Bob, it is always a pleasure to see a true professional at work.

You have made the name "Speaker" stand out as a truism - someone who encourages people to examine their lives and make adjustments.

The personal stories you shared with your audience made such a great impression on everyone. The comments indicated you hit people right where it is important - in their hearts. Each of those in your audience took away a new feeling of personal success and encouragement."

Sherry Knight, Dimension Eleven Human Resources and Communications

"As the International President of the Global Speakers Federation I have seen many speakers present in the last 12 months around the world. Bob "Idea man" Hooey is one of the most outstanding speakers I have seen and worked with. He truly walks his talk and is a fountain of ideas and innovation in his presentation on stage and in his dealings off stage. I recommend Bob to anyone who is seeking a dynamic speaker who will bring something interesting, thought provoking and fun every time he gets up to speak."
Lindsay Adams CSP
President, Global Speakers Federation 2009-2010

What his 'competitors' don't want you to know about Canada's Ideaman, Bob Hooey

...and what his fans and successful clients do!

Bob outlines real-life, results-based ideas personally mined from over 29 years of rich leadership experience in sales, retail, successful association and commercial leadership and management.

His humorous, conversational, and sometimes provocative style continues to inspire and challenge his audiences across North America to stretch and successfully grow to the next level.

Bob has earned the respect of both his clients and his peers.

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Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, 48th person, world wide to earn Toastmasters International covetted professional level Accredited Speaker designation. Inducted into the Toastmasters Hall of Fame in August, 1998 for his professionalism in public speaking.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
48th Accredited Speaker
in the world.

Secret Selling Tips founder and successful author, Bob Hooey is a charismatic, confident leader, engaging sales trainer and inspirational speaker who has worked successfully with a wide range of audiences and clients. Using personal stories based on rich experience, he challenges his audiences to engage his Ideas At Work! - To act on what they hear!

Bob gives them clear, easily used building blocks for increased success in productively enhancing their sales, leadership, career, or business. He equips them to lead and motivate their employees and sales teams to succeed. He gives them proven, innovative success techniques to increase their effectiveness and to hone specific skills critical to succeed personally and professionally.

He helps sales professionals successfully hone those presentation and strategic skills needed to win in the selling game.

His leadership, sales, career success and business enhancing ideas have been applied successfully by thousands of leading edge professionals, sales professionals, leaders, Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies, as well as employees and volunteers in 7 countries spanning 3 continents, to date.

Bob is a frequent contributor and columnist to North American consumer, association, corporate intranet, online and trade publications on employee motivation and training, creative problem solving, sales, time management, customer service and other business related areas. He is one of Software Sales Journal's best read contributing writers for 2007-2008.

He is the prolific author of ten sales, business, leadership, and career development success books; a mini-book series; several pocket wisdom books; an e-book series; success systems; and special resource guides and reports, and Business Enhancement Success Tools to reinforce his various sales and business success programs including: "Prepare Yourself to WIN!" and "Creating Time to Sell, Lead or Manage."

In August of 1998, Toastmasters International recognized Bob "for his professionalism and outstanding achievements in public speaking" in Palm Desert, CA.

Distinguished Toastmaster, Bob Hooey became the 48th person in their history to earn this professional designation as an Accredited Speaker."

Bob served with distinction in District 21 and as Governor (1997-98) for BC’s 3500 plus Toastmasters and served as District 42's Executive Leadership coach for 5 years.

Distinguished Toastmaster, Bob Hooey, remains an active Toastmaster, speaking at District and Regional conferences across North America. He has served as D42's Executive Leadership coach for the past 5 years.

He keynoted the annual Leadership Luncheon during Toastmasters International convention on August 15th, 2008 in Calgary.

Bob is the co-founder and Past President of the Vancouver (BC) Chapter - Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) as well as an honorary member of the CAPS-Sask (founding) and CAPS- Halifax chapters.

At the CAPS National conference, in December 2000, Bob was given a special CAPS National President's Award "for his energetic contribution to the advancement of CAPS and his living example of the power of one."

In 1999, he became the first Canadian to attend CAMP NSA, opening the door for successive Chapter and National leaders to engage and experience this amazing leadership training. In 2000, Bob was elected to the CAPS National Board, serving two years as a National Director. He was honored for his dedicated national leadership service in 2002. He is currently an active leader and professional member of the CAPS Edmonton chapter.

Expert leadership and sales author, speaker, consultant Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey enjoying a well deserved meal after his climb to the top. He can help you take your team successfully to the next level too. Call today.
Big Dreams...small steps

Author preparing to enjoy a well deserved meal after a 3000 foot vertical climb to the top of a mountain in BC.

Award winning kitchen designer Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, CKD-Emeritus (Retired), is one of less than 75 Canadian kitchen designers to earn this prestigious Certification by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Bob continues to serve as an NKBA teaching professional, and prior to his retirement, authored "How to Remodel Your Kitchen & Stay Married!" to help his remodeling clients.

He has been honored by the United Nations Association and received the CANADA 125 award for his ongoing leadership contributions to the community.

Bob has been inducted into the Toastmasters International Hall of Fame on numerous occasions for his leadership contributions.

In August of 1988, Bob joined 3 other men to sail a 65 foot gaff-rigged, steel-hulled schooner from Honolulu to Kobe, Japan, barely surviving a "baby" typhoon en route.

29 long and harrowing days later they safely sailed into the Kobe/Osaka harbour.

Picture shows the crew crossing the International Date Line.

Canadian Ideaman, Bob Hooey knows how about sails. He also is an expert on sales and leadership success who can help equip and motivate you and your teams to win.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey's Professional Affiliations and Service

  • National Director - Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (2000-2002)
  • President - Vancouver, BC Chapter - Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (1999 & 2000)
  • Membership Director CAPS – Edmonton Chapter (2003-2004)
  • Co-founder CAPS Vancouver Chapter (1997) Served on the board until 2002
  • Honorary founding member CAPS Sask. Chapter (2001)
  • Honorary member - CAPS Halifax (2005)
  • Professional Member CAPS Edmonton Chapter (2002 current)
  • Professional Member - Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (1997 - current)
  • National Member Canadian Society for Training and Development (2003 current)
  • Professional Member - International Federation for Professional Speakers (1997 - current)
  • Professional Societies Member - National Kitchen and Bath Association (1993 - current) CKD-Emeritus status (retired 2002)
  • Member and twice Distinguished Toastmaster - Toastmasters International (1991 - current)
  • District 21 Governor - (BC) Toastmasters International (1997-1998)
  • Vice President - Micro Enterprise Association of BC (1997-1999)
  • Vice President - New Westminster Community Development Society (1994-1999)
  • Member - Burnaby Board of Trade (1999 - current)
  • D42 Executive Leadership Coach (2003- current)

Canadian motivational keynote speaker, inspirational leadership author, coach and trainer, Bob wrestling tigers. He can help you and your company wrestle the hard decisions and profitably move up to the next level.
Bob and GT (Great Tiger) working together at the Edmonton Home Show April 18, 1970  

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