"There is no better way to be a leading sales professional
than reading and acting on these Secret Selling Tips.."

Kim Yost
, CE0 Art Van Furniture, Michigan

Secret Selling Tips

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Secret Selling Tips
is a web-based, sales success program designed to provide simple, strategic, systematic inspiration and information, with easily applied business and sales building tips, selling techniques and sales tools directly to your selling team. Equip and motivate your sales team to profitably grow and succeed!

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How much would a 10 to 50% increase in your sales be worth to your bottom line and commissions? How would that impact your success and performance?

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Ask yourself:

  • Are you serious about your role as a selling professional?
  • Are you committed to investing in your growth and future?
  • Are you willing to learn and apply proven techniques and tips?
  • Are you willing to be a sales leader and not just an order taker?
  • Are you open to new ideas and challenges in your career?

Our Secret Selling Tips, sales leader's success program was created for those selling professionals who want to be leaders, make more money, have more fun and better serve their customers.

Are you at that level in commitment? Do you want to be?

If so, then we invite you to subscribe today and start enhancing your sales and career.

One of our clients enrolled their entire sales force across Canada and have recently renewed that subscription for a second and third year.

Secret Selling Tips, Sales Leader's Success Program is a paid subscription based, web-supported and designed to provide simple, strategic, systematic inspiration and information, with easily applied business and sales building tips, selling techniques and tools directly to your email box every other week.

  • If you are a concerned owner, business leader, sales manager visit this page to see how you can enrol your whole team and help them win in the selling game. We can help you equip and motivate your sales teams to grow, make more money, and have fun in the selling game.
  • Perhaps having Bob personally share his ideas and offer on-site coaching might be a good investment as well. Visit our training section for more information and Bob's availability.

Our Secret Selling Tips readers have used the applied power of these secrets, gleaned from generations of top performing selling professionals to:

  • become successful, leading sales professionals
  • become more productive and profitable in the use of their time and energy
  • become better at qualifying earlier in the sales process by asking the right questions
  • become adept at skillfully overcoming price concerns and effectively handling objections
  • become more successful in upping their conversion and closing ratios
  • become financially secure with increased sales and commissions
  • become better at winning more referral and repeat business by out-thinking, out-performing, and out-selling their competition, even in slower economies
  • become more relaxed and actually have more fun in the selling game
You can too!

The introductory cost for this profitable, valuable service is only $97 per year. How much is your success and profitability worth to you?

Previously, this sales leader's success program was only available to larger firms who enrolled their entire sales teams. We have recently made this program available for single and small group subscriptions.

We invite you to be one of our future success stories.

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We get letters from our subscribers:

Jim Mieske

"Secret Selling Tips is a great resource for our company. Any person looking for guidance and help to increase their sales volumes has a wealth of material to glean through and take what they need."

Hello Bob:

I work at The Brick in New Glasgow, N.S. and I enjoy reading the articles in Secret Selling Tips.

I am going into my 3rd year in furniture business after working in the car business for 25 years.

I did just under I million last year and I am going for 1.5 million this year. I have met with my manager to lay out my plans for this year and we are both excited about my target.

I am looking forward to a challenging and exciting year.

Keep the good articles coming and "good selling".


Jim reached 1.2 million this following year.

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Sales Success by Bob HooeyEnroll today!

You will also receive a FREE copy of Bob's new 'Sales Success,' a $14.95 value with your paid subscription .


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A note from Bob:

Our objective in creating this program was to make it simple, systematic and easy to access.

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