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The Rock and Ripple Effect: 3 Ways to Splash to Sales Success
by Sales Diva, Kim Duke


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The Rock and Ripple Effect: 3 Ways to Splash to Sales Success

by Kim Duke

Imagine you’ve just thrown a rock into a pond. SPLASH! Ripples begin extending around the point where the rock hit the water. An interesting observation is that the ripples closest to the rock are actually the smallest ones. Then each ripple creates another larger ripple…until finally it disappears.

Welcome to the world of selling!

Contrary to popular belief – it’s not just the big things you do that create interest. Sure we get attention when we get a new customer or project – but the ripple effect doesn’t stop there. In order to attract customers we need to be doing 3 activities on a consistent basis.


Guess what? You have to know who your perfect customer is. If you don’t – your company will attract a hodge-podge of customers, a few drips or none at all. Clarity is critical in developing a consistent stream of sales.

  • Which target audience bests suits your product?
  • Where are they located?
  • What motivates them to choose your product?
  • Why should they choose you instead of your competitor?

Point to Ponder:

"Too many people are thinking security instead of opportunity."
James E. Byrnes


Skipping stones may go the distance but they have very little impact. I am much better at dropping rocks – plus I won’t break a fingernail! In order for you to create a ripple effect for your business – you have to be continually dropping rocks.

Take a tip from the advertising world – top of mind awareness is always their goal. How do you achieve this? By constantly ensuring you are in front of your potential perfect customer. You also don’t need a big budget to do this!

Attend association meetings your perfect customers would join. Have marketing materials that create the WOW factor. Absolutely DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT CREATE A BUSINESS CARD ON YOUR COMPUTER. Homemade business cards are not rocks – they are little pebbles – and they don’t make a positive impact on your future or existing customer.


Referrals are one of the ripples you want to see in your business. This only happens by treating ALL of your customers with care and attention – ALL the time! One ripple method is using thank-you cards. If someone gives you a lead, helpful information, or buys from you – you MUST send them a thank-you card within 7 days. The faster the better. Handwritten and not just with your signature. Show appreciation to customers and to those who help you! It creates ripple effects beyond your wildest imagination!

Copyright© 2005 Kim Duke, Used with permission

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