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Principles On Power Negotiating Techniques
by Roger Dawson


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Principles On Power Negotiating Techniques

by Roger Dawson

In the negotiation process, as a part of the sale process, it is imperative to understand the basic principles that make sales professionals successful. We negotiate everyday with our family and friends, our co-workers to cover for us, with our employers for salaries and perks, and with our clients for sales. Keeping in mind a few basic principles will allow you to negotiate fairly and increase the chance of getting a double win resolution. This will bring about a better quality of life, and a more profitable and ‘sustainable’ sales career.

Here are a few points that will assist you in becoming a powerful negotiator and being better equipped in the sales process:

• It is better to focus on how you both can win. Especially if you are customer-oriented sales pro that plans on being here for the long term.
• Regardless of what you want the other person must be satisfied or at least feel satisfied with what they got from the end result.
• Separate the people from the problem or obstacle to reaching a mutually satisfying conclusion. Focus on solving problems and not on emotions wrapped around the problem. Don’t make it personal.
• KNOWING the negotiation style of the person you are negotiating with is critical to leaving with a positive outcome for both parties.
• Focus on interests, and not your positions. Positions can be fixed Each of you may have interests, which need to be met. Fixed items can put your negotiations into a corner.
• Keep your emotions in check. Never fall in love with something or you may lose some of your chips in the game. Don’t over-react or get mad either! It’s not about winning but getting to a mutual win.
• Listen and question the person you are negotiating with, as you may discover a better deal than you ever thought was possible.

Point to Ponder:

"To get to the promised land, you have to negotiate your way through the wilderness." Herb Cohen

These principles when properly applied, will give you an increased chance to successfully conclude your negotiation and walk away with an agreement that will satisfy both parties. If you are committed to gaining repeat business, this has to be the focus and the foundation of your sales and follow up relationship.

These success principles apply in both personal and professional situations requiring negotiation. They can assist you in having more satisfying relationships and a more profitable career path. Apply them wisely!

Read Only © 2007 Roger Dawson. Used with permission of copyright holder.

Roger Dawson is a professional speaker and the author of two best selling books on negotiating: Secrets of Power Negotiating and Secrets of Power Negotiating for Salespeople, both published by Career Press. He was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame in 1991. You can contact him at His website address is:

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