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Put your attitude to the test
by Tim Breithaupt


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A "Secret" note for Business Owners and Sales Managers


by Tim Breithaupt

To keep focused on the positive side of the ledger while you wrestle with dizzying change and daily chaos, I offer these 31 attitudinal questions. I invite you to reflect on them honestly and perhaps use them as a spring board to make some changes. It doesn’t have to be a major change. Remember, it is far more productive to make 100 things just 1% better than trying to make one thing a 100% better. Enjoy.

1) When looking out the window do you see the beautiful view or do you see the dirty glass?

2) Do you see the rain or look for the rainbow?

3) Do you see the mile of road to success or do you see two miles of ditch?

4) Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel or do you see an oncoming adversity, about to sabotage your whole day?

5) Do you dwell on the frustrations of yesterday or do you see the opportunities of tomorrow?

6) Do daily adversities become an emotional oil spill or do you focus on the slivers of positives?

7) Do you know why each and every day is called “the present”?

Point to Ponder:

"Remember, it is far more productive to make 100 things just 1% better than trying to make one thing a 100% better."

8) Either way we all have mentors. The question is, which ones impact you - positive ones who tell you why your ideas will work or negative ones who tell you why not. (banish the toxic ones)

9) Do you play the game “to win” or do you play “not to lose”? (there is no silver medal in sales!)

10) Do you ever think to yourself “thank God it’s Monday” or is it a constant “thank God it’s Friday”?

11) Are you working your job or is the job working you?

12) Is the passage of time a ripening process or has your “best before date” long expired?

13) Do you find yourself thinking “the older I get the better I was”?

14) Do you struggle with the question “how old are your stories”?

15) Do you know the difference between pursuing a career and going to a job?

16) ”Take This Job and Shove It” or “Take This Job and Love It”. How do you see it?

17) When asked “what’s new?” are you stumped for an answer?

18) Do you light-up a room when you arrive, or do you light-up the room when you leave?

19) When someone says “should not” do you ask yourself “why ot?”

20) Do you laugh on the outside to camouflage the tears on the

21) Are you known for the company you keep - or the company you keep clear of?

22) The human race is the most grueling of all races. If you spend too much time warming-up, you’ll miss it.

23) Do you consistently fulfill your commitments or are you like the kamikaze pilot who flew 12 missions?

24) Do you live a life of anticipation - or participation? Has your life become a spectator sport?

25) Do you see failure as a necessary ingredient of growth or, do you see it as another validation of your shortcomings?

26) Do you have well rehearsed alibis for your shortfalls or do
you take full responsibility for your outcomes?

27) Do you embrace a pro-active, committed approach to success and personal growth or, do you merely await their arrival?

28) Note that Noah’s Ark wasn’t built in a day. Success takes patience and quiet persistence. Also, note that it wasn’t raining when he started building it!

29) Top achievers share a common word…”today” Mediocre people also share a common word…”tomorrow” What word guides your daily activities?

30) Are you seduced by your long list of intentions or, do experience the euphoria of accomplishment? Embrace the motto, “Just did it”.

31) Do you embrace challenges with “nothings impossible, just more difficult” (optimist) or do you focus on the proof as to why it won’t work (pessimist)?

How did you make out? Would you give yourself a passing grade or did you find it to be a sobering exercise? I suggest you review this quiz at the beginning of each month. Highlight your favorites. Alternatively, you can challenge yourself with a quiz question for everyday of the month.

Make this year an awesome one and be selfish with the abundance of opportunity that awaits. This year is going to happen, with or without you. It is time to relinquish your seat as a spectator and get in the game. Choose to conquer your self imposed barriers to success and move into a more optimistic perspective. You are the author of the results you will be evaluating come December 31st, ____. Go for it.

Dig your well before you get thirsty.

© 2007 Tim Breithaupt Used with permission.

Tim Breithaupt's competitive edge is his innate ability to connect with his audiences. His delivery style is referred to as entertrainment - a lively blend of logic, simplicity and humour.

As a leading expert in the area of business development, Tim has been published in local, national and international publications.As founder and president of his own business training company, Tim has worked with numerous companies sharing his unique formula of success with thousands of professionals.

With a Commerce Degree from the University of Toronto coupled with twenty seven years experience in the business community, Tim Breithaupt delivers real-world wisdom to foster a level of confidence that will boost results to exciting new levels.

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