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"There is no better way to become a leading sales professional than reading and acting
on these Secret Selling Tips."
Kim Yost, CE0 Art Van Furniture, Author of Pumptitude

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What impact would a 10%, 20%, or even a 50% increase in individual sales results make to your top and bottom lines? How would it positively impact your retail performance, 'even' in these tough economic times?

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Whether you are planning on building a house, a successful career, or a profitable business, starting with a strong foundation ensures whatever you build is better equipped to stand the test of time and storms that might come your way. In this inspiring and helpful eBook, 30 top experts and authors share their proven guidance as building blocks for your personal and professional success.

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Bob Hooey, DTM, PDG, Accredited Speaker, joined Toastmasters International in 1971 and began his journey into the realm of professional speaking and training. He is one of only 63 speakers world-wide to earn this professional level Accreditaton. Recently he was appointed a Toastmasters Brand Ambassador; one of 300 around the globe to be asked to take on this role.

Watch this space... we will be going through a total site review and redesign over the fall.

Legacy of Leadership, Strive for significance - lead on purpose! by Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey. Our Kindle version just made the Amazon Best Seller Lists (Sept 26-28th) in leadership category. #1 Canada, #2 US, #4 UK

Nov. 28th, 2011: Bob was just announced as the 2011 Spirit of CAPS Recipient

Bob spoke to 3200 students (grades 3-7) earlier this year at a Rise Up against bullying rally.

Bob spoke recently in Toronto at Motivational Monday's - view his performance here.

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Have you 'unleashed' your personal selling power yet?

These Secret Selling Tips will provide the keys to unlock your power and unleash your full potential as a selling professional, even in times of economic challenges.

These Secret Selling Tips will give you access to the selling tips, guest expert articles, selling techniques, a secret member's-only-vault, and the success tools you need to grow and win in the selling game.

These Secret Selling Tips will unlock your competitive edge to long-term, profitable selling success, even in tough economic times.


Bob just spoke to 3200 students (grades 3-7) at a Rise Up against bullying rally.

These Secret Selling Tips work... when you act to put them into practice. Visiting us, here at Secret Selling Tips, was the first step. Signing up to recieve your own personal sales success series is the next step to helping you find the selling success you seek.

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Bob's new Legacy of Leadership - Business leaders development series (Click on book to view)

"Bob; The structure that your materials (Secret Selling Tips) have supplied us has been priceless. The consistent automated communication keeps us on track learning and growing as a sales driven company. For the small investment we have seen individuals hitting goals that they thought in the past were untouchable." Fred Schweinert, Steinhafel's Wisconsin

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"Dear Mr. Hooey: Thank you for elevating my Sales Team's knowledge during your sales management seminar in Tehran (Iran). I look forward to meeting you in person during your future seminars. Warm regards." Mendi Ghaemi, Managing Director, Bidar Group, Tehran, Iran

Watch for Bob's new Sales Success Mentor program to be unveiled soon. This new success reinforcement program builds on the Secret Selling Tips with monthly phone coaching sessions, special guest experts, and more resources to help you succeed this year.

"As the International President of the Global Speakers Federation I have seen many speakers present in the last 12 months around the world. Bob "Idea man" Hooey is one of the most outstanding speakers I have seen and worked with. He truly walks his talk and is a fountain of ideas and innovation in his presentation on stage and in his dealings off stage. I recommend Bob to anyone who is seeking a dynamic speaker who will bring something interesting, thought provoking, and fun every time he gets up to speak."
Lindsay Adams CSP
President, Global Speakers Federation 2009-2010

What news!

These Secret Selling Tips have been skillfully gleaned from wisdom passed down from generations of successful, leading sales professionals. Professionals who have learned to succeed, even in tough times.

These Secret Selling Tips will be yours to learn and use for your sales success.

These Secret Selling Tips will be delivered directly to you or your team, via email, every other week.


These Secret Selling Tips work to equip and motivate,
'even' in these tougher economic times!

Applying these Secret Selling Tips will help you and your sales team:

Become successful, leading sales professionals

  • Be more productive and profitable in the use of your time and energies
  • Qualify quickly by skillfully asking the right questions
  • Successfully overcome price concerns and objections
  • Dramatically increase your conversion ratios in selling
  • Increase your sales and commissions
  • Win more repeat business, referrals, as well as out-think, out-perform, and out-sell your competition
  • Get what you want from life and your career, even in times of challenge!

"To successfully reach the winner's zone,
'YOU' must move outside your comfort zone."

  • Bob Hooey is committed to your selling excellence, not your comfort.
  • His provocative ideas will challenge the way you think and inspire the way you act!
  • He wants you, your leaders, and your sales teams to work smarter, make more money, and have more fun in the process!
  • He wants to inspire you to achieve amazing selling results, even when you are facing tough or challenging economic times.

These bi-weekly Secret Selling Tips include a brief sales tip, a motivational moment, a short video sales tip, as well as other proven sales tips, expert articles, creative techniques, or selling tools to support your sales team in becoming more motivated, productive, and profitable.

These Secret Selling Tips are designed to be read in 3 to 10 minutes.

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Whether you are a rookie or seasoned pro, these Secret Selling Tips will provide you with solid foundations and reinforcement for continued and profitable sales success.

For the seasoned pro, these Secret Selling Tips provide a reminder of tools and techniques perhaps not 'fully' maximized in your selling skills.

Click here to subscribe today and start selling 'more' tomorrow!

This cost effective, simple, and systematic sales leader's success program gives amazing ROI.

Sales Professional: Subscribing annually to these Secret Selling Tips will be the single most productive investment you make in your future career success in the selling field, even when times are tough.

Sales Management: Investing in your ability to help your sales teams will provide you the greatest return on your training investment this year.

Time to Act, NOW!

A "Secret" note just for Business Owners and Sales Managers about this sales leader's success program and how it can help you during this challenging economic sales cycle

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Pocket Wisdom - Secret Selling Tips - Motivational Companion publication available to help equip, focus and motivate your sales teams to grow and win in the selling game.

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Pocket Wisdom Secret Selling Tips Motivational Companion publication is available for your sales team

This is the time to forge ahead and equip your team to win in these tough times.

This is the time to leave your competitors cowering under cover.

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In times of challenge we have two choices:

1) We can follow the crowd in being negative, uncertain, and in pulling back in our efforts by playing it safe, or...

2) We can confidently invest in our future by honing our skills, adding to our expertise and by enlisting the help of other professionals in creating the positive, productive future we desire.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey follows the second path and travels the world with his positive, impactful and profitable ideas that allow selling professionals, sales managers and their teams to productively forge ahead, regardless of how the economy performs.

Sales leaders take charge and make their success a reality... you can too.

Subscribe today or call to see about subscribing your entire sales team. (780) 736-0009


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